Nursery Environment

Environments are very important in early years and are now referred to as the ‘third educator’ thanks to Loris Malaguzzi, a prominent Italian Early Years Educator and Philosopher. Malaguzzi recognises that the ‘first educator’ is the parent and the ‘second educator’ is the nursery/pre-school in terms of importance.


The Lawns Children’s Nursery has spent a considerable amount of time making sure our environments will support and provide high quality experiences that allow your child’s individual needs and preferences to be met throughout each day. For example, we have sourced beautiful wooden furniture that is ergonomically designed to support the growing bodies of our youngest children. This furniture ensures that children are sat properly for their age and that their spines are supported. It is also designed to allow independence at an early age, which in turn promotes confidence and self-esteem.


The Lawns Children’s Nursery’s environments are also designed to be calm and are decorated with neutral colours. This promotes concentration and provides a stronger learning environment that is not over-stimulating and distracting.

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