Chard School

Chard School is proud to support the Early Years experiences of the children within The Lawns Nursery @ Chard School.  


In a bid to enrich the physical development of the children at The Lawns Children's Nursery @ Chard School, the school Games Teacher Miss Ann Taswell, a British International Athlete and cross-country runner, works with the children weekly.  In these sessions Miss Taswell aims to enhance the children’s physical education using her extensive knowledge of child development within the sporting arena.  


The children are able to demonstrate their skills when they join the Pre-Prep children from Chard School to take part in the annual Sports Day.


To further enhance the children’s musical experiences Mrs Amanda Downing, a talented musician and experienced Early Years Teacher, works with the children at The Lawns Children's Nursery @ Chard School.  She aims to develop their enjoyment and appreciation of music through the use of song and exposure to and experimentation with a variety of different instruments.  




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